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3-engine Cordership (xq96_ya33zy2ooy0ccimzyc73goozgo042kcy7cga3z1h9hyeo0gzw1yboow13631z0guh07zykgoo488y9goggwko8zyk262ybc1e08bzyqgo042kcy5o48zyq1h9hya24y233zys1yboozyrguh07)

There is currently no description assigned to this pattern.

This pattern is a spaceship.
This pattern is periodic with period 96.
This pattern runs in standard life (b3s23).

Pattern RLE

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Glider synthesis

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#C [[ GRID MAXGRIDSIZE 14 THEME Catagolue ]]
#CSYNTH xq96_ya33zy2ooy0ccimzyc73goozgo042kcy7cga3z1h9hyeo0gzw1yboow13631z0guh07zykgoo488y9goggwko8zyk262ybc1e08bzyqgo042kcy5o48zyq1h9hya24y233zys1yboozyrguh07 costs 11 gliders (true).
#CLL state-numbering golly
x = 96, y = 104, rule = B3/S23

Sample occurrences

There are no sample soups stored in the Catagolue.

Comments (2)

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On 2017-12-24 at 22:27:59 UTC, paulrw63@live.com wrote:

UPDATE to 2016-11-05 comment. I now have a printer with a 10/inch grid paper which was used to make all the graph paper I need. I may have finished with LIFE as it seems to have died out. No new websites, the old ones gone into archiving.... Some patterns far too vast for my laptop or graph paper. (My last work was on greyships by Hartmot Holzwart, and what I call Wickships. [the longer such are extended, the easier it is to spot independent cycling of a wick core)

Corderships are too large and messy for me.

This website also seems to have dried up... and the question of Life's "omniperiodicity" remains,to my knowledge, unresolved.

On 2016-11-05 at 16:00:23 UTC, paulrw63@live.com wrote:

There are patterns too large & complex for my laptop or charts to handle.In fact there are some that need a super-computer to manage (Caterpillar, Gemini ...) The 3-ship Cordership is the smallest of the SwitchEngine based spaceships to be found, but even it is too large . I also am crippled by having no way to get 10/inch graph paper. The only real stationary store in town did the skip (owner put up a ON VACATION sign in window, with no return date. After a few months, a sheriff's auction was held there, and a herb store now resides there.). I had to use 5/inch paper from a rag store.

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