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Lightweight Spaceship (xq4_6frc)

x = 1, y = 1, rule = B3/S23

There is currently no description assigned to this pattern.

This pattern is a spaceship.
This pattern is periodic with period 4.
This pattern runs in standard life (b3s23).
The population fluctuates between 9 and 12.
This evolutionary sequence works in multiple rules, from b3aijs2eik3aijnr through to b2kn345-a67e8s1e234-aw5-jy6-kn78.

Pattern RLE

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Glider synthesis

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#C [[ GRID MAXGRIDSIZE 14 THEME Catagolue ]]
#CSYNTH xq4_6frc costs 3 gliders (true).
#CLL state-numbering golly
x = 8, y = 10, rule = B3/S23

Sample occurrences

There are 643 sample soups in the Catagolue:

Official symmetries

SymmetrySoupsSample soup links

1x256 58                                                                                 

C1 16                       

Inflated symmetries

SymmetrySoupsSample soup links

i1x256 100                                                                                                                                            

iiiD8_1 10              

iiiD8_4 10              

iiiiiiiiC1 10              

iiiiiiiiiC1 1  

Unofficial symmetries

SymmetrySoupsSample soup links

1X2x256X2 43                                                            

1X2x256X2_TEST 10              

1x256X2 49                                                                    

1x256X2+1_2Test 10              

1x256X2+1_3Test 9            

1x256X2+1_4Test 10              

75pTEST 20                            

AB_C1_2x2_32x32_Test 10              

AB_D2_x_skewgutter_Test 10              

AB_sha512_16x32_Test 10              

AB_sha512_20x20_Test 20                            

AB_sha512_25p_Test 10              

AB_sha512_75p_Test 10              

D2_+1_Gutter_Test 20                            

D4_n 19                          

DRCTest_SemiD4_+2 10              

MB_C1_2x2_32x32_Test 9            

MB_bad8x8_test 13                  

PushDecimal_Test 10              

Saka_DoubleC1_Test 10              

Saka_x+1-2x_TEST 10              

WW_25c 10              

b9wadufi 20                            

ee9_D4_+1_gutter_test 10              

ee9_D4_+2_gutter_test 10              

ee9_test 40                                                        

ikpx2_c3_stdin_test 6         

ikpx2_k7_stdin_test 2   

ikpx2_stdin 1  

stdin_xq4_diag 3    

testitemqlstudop 4     

xp2_switchenginetest 10              

Comments (10)

Displaying comments 1 to 10.

On 2020-01-20 at 14:57:44 UTC, Someone wrote:

P12 counterfeit in B3-cnr4ar/S235j that looks like a MWSS in 2 of its phases

On 2019-06-02 at 22:33:19 UTC, Someone wrote:


On 2018-12-29 at 20:33:35 UTC, Someone wrote:

same in b34k7-es2-i3-a4i6c

On 2018-02-27 at 09:05:47 UTC, Someone wrote:

In b3s23-ijn4a, this is not the same spaceship as in b3s23... :P

On 2017-12-17 at 14:02:07 UTC, Someone wrote:

In case it's not clear, there's only one canonical apgcode -- as it does for every oscillator and spaceship, apgsearch tries all 16 possibilities and picks this one (xq4_6frc) because it comes first in the sorted list.

On 2016-12-21 at 18:38:12 UTC, EricABQ wrote:

There are actually 16 distinct apgcodes for this spaceship, because it has a mod of 2 and symmetry of C1.

8/(symmetry order) * (mod) = (number of apgcodes).

On 2016-11-15 at 01:06:47 UTC, paulrw63@live.com wrote:

Guy discovered the Glider in 1970 while researching the R-Pentonimo. The LWSpaceship was discovered when it was seen seemingly spinning like a turbine as it moved horizonatlly (not diagonally) across the screen in an agar. The pattern was stopped before it could hit something -and be destroyed. Life collisions always destroy or change the colliders.

The Glider is not as common as the block, beehive, blinker,boat.... ,but the LW-,MW- and HW-Spaceship, are rare in increasingly so order.

On 2016-11-13 at 01:43:52 UTC, Someone wrote:

Bug: in rule b2i34cik6c7s23-a4cikn6c7, this is not a lwss but a very similar spaceship - please correct.

On 2016-05-19 at 14:54:21 UTC, Someone wrote:

Note: there are 8 distinct apgcodes for this spaceship. For instance, another working apgcode is xq4_5889e.

On 2016-03-15 at 00:27:12 UTC, applebottom.applefamily wrote:

This is also glider 1062 on David Eppstein's glider page.

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